The Throne of Stone and The Kelvin Car Bomb

This week back in 1996, the British government announced the Stone of Scone was going home. The Stone, a 340-pound sandstone block, sat on a shelf within Britain's coronation chair for 700 years — much to the chagrin of the Scots, from whom it was taken back in the 13th century.

The Smoke-Filled Room and “The Dark Horse”

This week back in 1920, a group of politicians gathered in a hotel suite… and a political cliche was born. Learn about the original “smoke-filled room,” then take a deep drag of this murky cocktail.

Love! Ray

One day when I was ten or so, my Father brought home two library books for me. “The Martian Chronicles” and “R Is for Rocket.” I don’t know what possessed him to pick them; Dad’s not much a of a Sci-Fi fan. Maybe he had a feeling.