VOTE: Martini Madness

This March, we're pitting cocktail against cocktail in the most spirited tournament ever. Which classic drink will reign supreme? YOU decide!


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Hold on! I missed the first three rounds.

Want to see how the competition unfolded or want to know more of about the cocktails? Check out round 1 hereround 2 here and round 3 here. You can see the polls for yourself, find out more about cocktail history and get some classic recipes.

VOTE in the final round below. Polls close on Monday, April 3, at NOON PT.  Follow the hashtag #MartiniMadness on Twitter! We’ll be coming up with a few web goodies for you to enjoy and keeping you up to date on the latest polls. Plus, YOU can use it advocate for your drink of choice to take the crown.

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Round 4: Vote!



  • Scott Higbee

    As I drink my Old Fashioned to accompany my voting, please note that there is no orange twist or fruit of any kind; no soda either. It is my favorite cocktail, although I cheat a little by using stevia instead of sugar. I don’t want it to be too sweet. That being said, I have to have a Martini or too once a year, which is about how often I am wearing my tux. I like mine like Brendan and Rico, twist please, no olive. Vodka does not go in a Martini.

    • Rico Gagliano

      The Old Fashioned is a fine classic, and bless you for pointing out that a martini should ne’er be sullied with vodka, but a few corrections: We’ll have a martini with a twist on occasion, but our regular order is with extra olives. Also a mere two martinis per year is bad for the soul.

      • Scott Higbee

        I understand. I don’t like olives; hence the twist. I can’t argue that it is the more classic martini, though. I also can’t argue about two a year being too few.

  • Brandon

    I hate brackets because a French 75 is great but just not as good as a Mojito. they could have been the top two.

  • filmo

    This is like a lot of sports leagues where an early favorite gets knocked out in the early rounds. “Mint Julep vs Margarita”

  • Mary Lou Guzman

    I love G&Ts. LOVE them. That being said, I voted martini. It’s a classic and always with gin. Olives or twist, depending on the gin. Extra olives if I’m at Musso & Frank. They bring me my own side car of olives. Does that count as salad? PS. I love vermouth and I’m not shy about admitting that here, Rico and Brendan.

    • Rico Gagliano

      Bless you, Mary Lou. Doubly so for the shoutout to Musso & Frank, which is our pick for top L.A. martini. And for the record, Brendan and I will take a rinse of vermouth. So we’re all good. Now SPREAD THE WORD to your martini loving pals — martini is still in danger of elimination and I can’t bear for that to happen on MY SHOW.

      • Ian

        The M+F martini is not so good. Bad vermouth, bad technique! Nice place to visit though.

        • Rico Gagliano

          Well, we’re just going to have to disagree forever about your first statement, and instead forge a common bond over your last.

  • Gregory M. Bruce

    There is only one true cocktail for a Man who wears a double breasted suit and bow tie every day and subsequent night. It is of course The Vesper. Your totally unsophisticated collage of participants in this game did not include my choice in cocktails but I did vote for the next best thing …the little sister if you will…
    The Martini, of course.

    • Rico Gagliano

      I — along with you, I’m guessing — am terribly pained that the Martini was eliminated. By a gin and tonic no less! For what it’s worth, when I want to have more than one martini, I save myself the literal headache and have Vespers instead.

  • William J Okin

    Any cocktail that needs added sugar (or stevia) to be great should not be the winner. Manhattan over old fashioned any day, with Carpano Antica vermouth, a splash of Amaro, and a Jalapeño instead of a cherry. Up. It is important to control the dilution in the shaker.

    • Rico Gagliano

      You got your wish! And now I hope you’ll do your duty and vote from MULTIPLE DEVICES for the Manhattan. The Martini’s unconscionable elimination by the gin and tonic must be AVENGED.

  • letterman

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you guys are stacking the deck in favor of martinis! It’s like calling the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament “The UConn Huskies Invitational” (oh, wait, it already is).

    • Kristina Lopez

      Considering that the Martini is currently losing, I’d beg to differ. How would you stack the bracket? Not have the Martini as the No. 1 seed?

  • teriarog

    sad to see the Mai-Tai went out on the first round. I like my drinks to taste like vacation. #bummer

    • Rico Gagliano

      I’m a martini guy, but I can understand your point of view, and in fact I figured enough folks felt similarly that the margarita would easily eliminate the gin and tonic. But here the G&T is, the narrow favorite to win the whole contest. I really need to reassess my world view.