A History Lesson With Booze ™

The Abolitionist Old Fashioned

On May 22, 1856 in the U.S. Senate Chamber, South Carolina Representative Preston Brooks [beat Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner unconscious with a wooden walking cane](http://www.corzine.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/resources/graphic/xlarge/sumner_caning_xl.jpg). Brooks’ rationale: a speech Sumner had made two days earlier, criticizing Southerners who sympathized with pro-slavery violence in Kansas. The incident made both men heroes in their own regions. Not long after the incident, Rep. Brooks died at the young age of 37, possibly of bad karma… but [the incident lives on](http://www.publicradio.org/columns/dinnerpartydownload/2009/05/episode-23-may-22-2009.html) in this free-state version of the classic Old Fashioned.
RECIPE, as created for the DPD by bar manager Jackson Cannon of [Eastern Standard](http://www.easternstandardboston.com/) in Boston, MA:
In an Old Fashioned glass, add:
– 1 sugarcube soaked in angostura bitters
– 1 dash orange bitters
– splash of soda water
Muddle, fill with ice and add:
– 2 oz [Hurricane rum](http://www.ciscobrewers.com/distillery/spiritshurricanerumtext.htm) –
– 1/2 oz. Napoleon Liqueur
Garnish with orange twist, drink, and embrace your fellow man.