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Paul Burch – ‘Meridian’

Paul Burch is a piano playing Nashvillian who loves honky tonk. His latest project is "Meridian Rising," and it's a musical autobiography of the father of country music Jimmie Rodgers. Here's a track called, "Meridian."

Nadia album

Nadia Reid – ‘Call the Days’

Nadia Reid is a young New Zealand based folk musician with a new album called "Listen to Formation, Look for Signs." Here's a track from it entitled "Call the Days."


Melodies and Metaphors with Car Seat Headrest

Seattle-based musician Will Toledo -- of the indie band Car Seat Headrest -- got his start in Leesburg, Virginia recording music in his car, hence the band's name. He just signed to Matador Records, and he's got a new album called "Teens of Style." Here he is with a laid-back playlist.

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Neon Indian Guides You From Dinner Time to Party Time

Alan Palomo, better known as Neon Indian, weaves disco bass lines into reggae beats to produce a sound that's easily danceable, but hard to describe. He offers up a late-night playlist that'll take you deep into the evening and with a little Spanish flair.

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Raury DJs the Party of the Future

Raury is the 19-year-old musician who caught the eye of Kanye West with his mixtape "Indigo Child." With his debut album "All We Need," he blends folk and hip hop in songs that range from feel-good to political. The Georgia-born soul-folk wunderkind picks a playlist that takes us into the forest – and the future (3500, specifically). No word if Andre 3000 is invited.

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Chairlift – ‘Ch-Ching’

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly are the duo behind Chairlift. Their new album, "Moth," comes out in January, but we can hear a track from it now called "Cha-Ching."

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The Music and Moments That Made Carrie Brownstein

Back in 1994, Carrie Brownstein co-founded Sleater-Kinney -- a blazing all-woman rock trio that made a huge impact on critics and the indie rock scene. Their debut record, "Dig Me Out," landed on Rolling Stone's list of The Greatest Albums of All Time. Then, in 2006, Carrie left the group, and along with comedian Fred Armisen, co-created the hit sketch-comedy show "Portlandia." In her new memoir, she reflects on trying (and failing) to survive on rock and roll alone.

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Elvis Costello Chronicles A Legendary Career in His Own Words

Rock 'n' roll Hall-of-Famer Declan MacManus -- a.k.a. Elvis Costello -- rose to fame in the seventies with classic power pop hits like "Pump It Up" and "Watching The Detectives." Then he started exploring the Motown sound, country, jazz, classical and art music... along the way collaborating with just about every music legend ever. He talks to Rico about his massive memoir, "Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink," in which he recalls the start of his love affair with music, his father's influence, and "touring" with The Clash.