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Episode 223: Bob Odenkirk, Linda Thompson, and Peaches Teaches

This week: Bob Odenkirk, comedy polymath & "Breaking Bad" breakout star, talks sketch and Saul... ... Pop provacateur Peaches strips down etiquette... Folk-rock icon Linda thompson plays party DJ ... Small island, big library ... Food writer Nigel slater recalls pre-parm Britain ... Behind the scenes with Johnny Carson ... Leafy green humor ... And a flood of beer was not as fun as it sounds.

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Episode 222: Dane DeHaan, Anna Calvi, and the Modernist Maestro

This week: "Kill Your Darlings" star Dane DeHaan catches the Beats... Operatic indie rocker Anna Calvi DJs your next soiree... the Posts return with etiquette advice smokers will love... We're schooled in design by the man who defined late 20th Century style... Old-school Hollywood honcho David Picker acts out for Woody Allen... Little Richard throws stardom into the sea... Scientific proof that there's no "I" in team leaders... and Brendan samples "the soul food of Asia." Plus: Bill Callahan Sings us home.


Episode 221: Daniel Radcliffe, Lars Ulrich, and Elizabeth Gilbert

This week: Daniel Radcliffe wears a mask that's not for a role ... Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich tells your roommate to turn that racket down ... Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) sets the planets spinning ... Cartoonist Jeff Smith lists favorite strips ... Visiting the Candyland of vegetables ... There is danger and allure at "The Summit" ... A famously bad sitcom is still famous ... And art students build the next Robocop ...


Episode 220: Margaret Atwood, Gunn Culture, and Hulk Hogan: Hero

This week: literary giant Margaret Atwood is prepared for mega-bears... "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn returns, just in time to save listeners from the 'comfort trap'... guitarist Steve Gunn (no relation) spins a mellow party playlist... The author behind the bestselling "Jack Reacher" series lists toughs he loves... "China, Illinois" Animator Brad Neely wants Hulk Hogan to eat him... The tale of one man's flight(s) to settle a bar bet... And we meet Rihanna, P.I. Plus: Rico tastes a bowlful of sweet, savory surrealism.

on April 27, 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Episode 219: Colin Firth, Bobby Flay, and Molly Ringwald’s Vault

This week: Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth explores masks and the mind… We grill star chef Bobby Flay on etiquette… Food writer Michael Pollan says we are because we cook…Molly Ringwald sets a new standard for musical standards… Jane Fonda’s headbands & home videos inspire a health-crazed cocktail… And Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” strikes it rich - as a four year old. Plus, Rachel Kushner’s hot new novel, part-time chickens, and a cowpoke joke.

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Episode 218: Jonathan Lethem, Alt-J, and the Fab Four’s Freda

This week: Jonathan Lethem goes to New Jersey ... Alt-J are kind of over triangles at this point ... The Beatles' secretary gives a peek into music history ... Restaurant trends, from bars to bathrooms ... Astronaut agriculture ... Miss Manners is not telling you to lie, boast, and start rumbles ... A tempest in a cocktail glass ... Populist experimentation (in film) ... And letters from listeners like you.

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Episode 217: Arctic Monkeys, Van Jones, and Fashion Asylums

This week: Britrock superstars Arctic Monkeys provide a party playlist (and a dessert recipe)... Activist-turned-host Van Jones plays with Crossfire... fashion maven Simon Doonan says the best outfit is the one your friend is already wearing ... Northern Irish poet Nick Laird explains "Epithalamium"... VHS cassettes inspire eighties nostalgia ... Bavarians build a giant rake for a monster turtle... We have a beef with the real Uncle Sam... and Rico samples the magical Italian sandwich that is a calzone, a quesadilla, and a pita, wrapped in an enigma. Plus: "There Can Be Only One" for the road.

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Episode 216: Brie Larson, Baz Luhrmann, and Nomnomnom-enclature

This week: "Short Term 12" star Brie Larson fears oranges & lobsters... Baz Luhrmann talks movie music from Bee Gees to Gatsby... author Juan Gabriel Vásquez shares a story of narco-trafficking and lost hippos... A Jimmy Buffet song brings indie band Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr to tears... We learn about the real-life divas who inspired Melba Toast and Fettuccine Alfredo... and Emily Post's great-great grandkids offer etiquette for present and future. Plus: The history of the cold war hot line, and we learn tardiness is a medical condition.

"The Place Beyond The Pines" New York Premiere - After Party

Episode 215: Eva Mendes, Julia Sweeney, and Blushing Stomachs

This week: One of our favorite episodes! Eva Mendes decodes "The Place Beyond the Pines" (which just came out on DVD) and hieroglyphics… Writer and “SNL” vet Julia Sweeney answers your etiquette questions from the fetal position… New Orleans indie rockers Generationals spin a sweet-and-sour soundtrack… Science writer Mary Roach takes us on a field trip down the alimentary canal… Twitter queen Kelly Oxford tiptoes into David Copperfield’s private lair… And Wrigley’s Gum inspires a cocktail that won't lose its flavor. Plus, salt mines in the sky, self-hating jokes, and a new Rogue Wave.

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Episode 214: David Oyelowo, Ricky Skaggs, and a Gun for Breakfast

This week: Actor David Oyelowo becomes sort of a scholar ... Bluegrass musician Ricky Skaggs on sushi and superfreaks ... Piper Kerman reveals the reality behind bars ... Kurt Braunohler finds odd comedy in everyday things ... MTV veejay Kennedy remembers the nineties and Nine Inch Nails ... Shooting a cannon of puffery ... Novel video games ... Arctic Monkeys go Alpine ... And riding the escalator of history.