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Episode 98: Fleet Foxes, Pac-Man Pizza, and a Michelin Man

This week: Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold talks Hymnals and hair… Gaming gets a ladies’ Man… And three stars are borne - by master chef Paul Liebrandt. Plus, a joke from street artiste Shepard Fairey, and a dreamy tune by Dirty Projectors.

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Episode 94: Dinner Party Etiquette with Elaine Stritch

This week: A special DPD, as Broadway legend Elaine Stritch answers listeners' etiquette questions in a most "ladylike" way. She's dated Brando, dissed Sinatra, and conquered the Great White Way... but can she handle the social graces of a dinner party?


Episode 93: An East-Over Feast

This week, feast upon our favorite food segments from podcasts past: Rico attacks a WWII-era sandwich… Brendan warily bites into a sushirrito… and we learn about really baked goods. Don’t call them leftovers; they’re East-Overs. Plus! Feast your ears on a waiter joke, and scarf down a food tune from Brendan himself.

Episode 91: Greta Gerwig, Ping Pong Politics, and the Sleep Elite

This week: Actress Greta Gerwig finds the right dress for the big time... Two ping pong players thaw the Cold War... And the "sleep elite" put shuteye to rest. Plus a joke from Texas musician/artist Terry Allen and "The Morning" from The Weeknd [sic].