Episode 164: Marjane Satrapi, Fran Lebowitz, and Pizza Brains

This Week: “Persepolis” author/filmmaker Marjane Satrapi laughs in the face of death… satirist Fran Lebowitz plays Nanny to America… author Emma Straub narrates a Hollywood fable… multi-Oscar-winner Ve Neill makes up a Makeup list… and Brendan inhales info about air. Plus, a visit to Philly’s Pizza Museum, the high-cost of Tsarist-era beards, how to lose yourself, and indierockers Nude Beach expose their dinner party playlist.

Episode 163: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Molly Ringwald, and Takis

This Week: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets physical and speaks French… Molly Ringwald offers etiquette advice for misfits and moms…The birth of swing music… Novelist Jonathan Evison updates Facebook’s profiles… David Wax Museum shares a list that cuts to the bone… We hear from a young reporter who was on the cutting edge of the Takis craze… and Rico drinks bees. Plus: The latest in sleep science, and a dreamy new track from rocker Ariel Pink.

Episode 162: Gary Oldman, Top Chef: Etiquette, and Instant History

This week: We revisit one of our favorite episodes, from December 2011…Gary Oldman reflects on his Oscar-nominated role as iconic spy George Smiley… Top Chef’s Gail Simmons spills some sweet and saucy etiquette tips… Artist/Musician Terry Allen uncovers 3 lost gems… We toast the instant replay (twice)… Brendan seeks gluten-free-free food… and author Lou Beach tells 6 stories with 420 characters. Plus, a crash course in video games, a joke from Brit-com phenom Stephen Merchant, and a tune from Chairlift.


Episode 161: Gustavo Dudamel, Rob Corddry, and Terms of Service

This week: Classical music superstar Gustavo Dudamel conducts an interview… “Children’s Hospital” creator/star Rob Corddry prescribes etiquette advice… “Schott’s Miscellany” author Ben Schott on food service slang… author John Brandon perks up his wolf ears… “Darth Vader and Son” cartoonist Jeffrey Brown lists some soulful sci-fi… and rocker King Tuff suggests a party playlist. Plus: Debbie Millman on design, Madeleine Brand gets dreamy, and the uplifting history of the escalator.

Episode 160: Rashida Jones, LeVar Burton, and Parody Picks

This Week: Actress Rashida Jones plays matchmaker... "Reading Rainbow"'s LeVar Burton wields a knife - with discernment... Comic Paul Scheer's parody picks... Les Savy Fav bassist Syd Butler talks hockey, Joy division and secret identities... We speak -- and drink -- Esperanto... author Ariel S. Winter channels 3 crime-lit legends... and Rico eats the best Pop Tart ever. Plus: the death of chivalry and a pop lullaby from The Babies.


Episode 159: Zoe Kazan, Passion Pit and New Wave Fish Sandwiches

This week: Actor/writer Zoe Kazan makes a psychic connection… Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos provides the soundtrack for a party-for-two… Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson shares the gold medal’s shocking secret… Author Charles Yu feels your pain… Brendan catches the fish sandwich wave… and we travel back in time with bestselling essayist Sloane Crosley. Plus: Snoop Lion, the birth of Bugs Bunny, and dudes! — the Posts are back with etiquette tips.

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Episode 158: Simon Amstell, Rodriguez, and Dyn-o-mite Tips

This week: British comedy wunderkind Simon Amstell sings America's praises... Author Sheila Heti explains How A Person Should Be... Musician and archivist Michael Feinstein adds to the Great American Songbook... Folk-rock legend Rodriguez rises from the dead... Jimmie "DY-NO-MITE" Walker blows up etiquette... and Rico samples ceviche from 'the new Tuscany' (it's in Mexico). Plus: mammoth cheeses, shifting to manual transmission, and a globe-hopping soundtrack from The Antlers.

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Episode 157: Marcus Samuelsson, Cheryl Strayed, and (Breaking) Bad Romances

This week, star chef Marcus Samuelsson dishes on his tough-but-tender training… WILD author Cheryl Strayed (aka “Dear Sugar”) offers free therapy… Anna Gunn of “Breaking Bad” lists her favorite fictional dysfunctionals… Author Chris Cleave spins gold from Olympic competition… We toast Warhol with a pop-art cocktail… and Woody Guthrie turns 100. Plus: vacationing with Hemingway, author Karen Thompson Walker’s slow fiction, and new music from the Dirty Projectors.

Episode 156: Wim Wenders, Liszt Lists, and Live Long and Proper

This week: An encore broadcast of one of our favorite shows! Director Wim Wenders speaks body language...Star Trek's George Takei takes etiquette to warp factor five... A list about Liszt, from world-renowned pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet...Kathleen Turner's fiery new role... Third Wave Coffee... Existential humor... Plus, we learn how to play dead - and then how to come back to life, courtesy of Guided By Voices.

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Episode 155: The All-Movie Episode

This week, it’s our first ever ALL-MOVIE EPISODE – a blockbuster hour of our favorite film-centric interviews, starring John C. Reilly, Miranda July, Terry Gilliam and more: Val Kilmer plays Mark Twain playing an etiquette expert… Jackie Collins invites us to a Hollywood party… author Jonathan Lethem casts Drew Barrymore in his surreal fiction… One of cinema’s greatest sound designers lists some of cinema’s greatest sounds… and Michel Hazanavicius, Oscar-winning director of “The Artist,” doesn’t enjoy the silence. Plus: David Cronenberg plays around, rockers Howlin’ Rain suggest the most unlikely dinner party soundtrack ever, and Molly Ringwald barks like a dog.