Episode 72: A Three-Course Thanksgiving

This week, a Thanksgiving meal for your ears, in three courses: Brendan braves the mean streets of NYC to score contraband grilled cheese... Rico daintily dips his tongue into the hottest of hot sauces... and we launch a unilateral war against the cupcake.


Episode 69: Chris Morris, Black Bart, and Getting Your Goat

This week: Brit actor/director/provocateur Chris Morris terrorizes US movie screens... Black Bart's last verse... and urban farmers get their goats. Plus, Curative new music from Crystal Castles, and an-"other" joke.


Episode 67: Judd Apatow, Beer Tsunamis, and Conflict Cuisine

This week: Comedy juggernaut Judd Apatow courts disaster... London's suds flood... and Rico experiences the sweet taste of Conflict. Plus, a joke from author du jour Dinaw Mengestu and new music from Kiwi band Secret Knives.

Reich credit Perian Flaherty_web-thumb-275xauto

Episode 65: Robert Reich, Killer Talkies, and Illegal Eats

This Week: Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gets exposed... the death of silent movies... and Rico is presented with a menu of crimes. Plus Small Black... Guam's rain of rodents... and a so-so So So Glo joke.