Episode 194: Taiye Selasi, Andy Cohen, and Alt-J’s Pagan Playlist

This week: TV personality Andy Cohen - the man who launched 1,000 "Real Housewives" - tells us how to behave... Rising literary star Taiye Selasi on making novels and dresses... British prog-rock phenoms Alt-J throw a party in the woods... Satirist Sam Lipsyte on the joys of fatherhood... We tiptoe into "Room 237," a film about "The Shining"'s fanatical following... And Rico tastes the secret of panuchos. Plus, a drink born from cold fusion, new music from Mikal Cronin, and a monstrous joke..


Episode 193: Harmony Korine, Chris O’Dowd, and Ramen Ravioli

This week: Filmmaker Harmony Korine on Cassevetes and mime contests… Chris O’Dowd, star of Bridesmaids and now The Sapphires on sudden successes… Marisa Silver develops an iconic photo into a novel… Noodling around with Ramen and Ravioli…The history of the Stanley Cup inspires a drink (with no ice!)…The Posts address door jams and outer-underwear…Your Spring fashion preview, featuring trendy Hamburglars…Plus, a new tune from “Vampire Weekend,” KFC’s poetry campaign, and a nuclear-powered joke.

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Episode 192: Anna Kendrick, Kevin Nealon, and the Perks of Being a Pittsburgher

This Week: While we soak in what's next at South-by-Southwest, enjoy this classic episode - one of our favorites. Actress Anna Kendrick (making the rounds at SXSW with the new movie "Drinking Buddies") sings of adorkability... SNL alum Kevin Nealon blesses us with etiquette advice..."The Perks of Being a Wallflower" creator Stephen Chbosky talks of time and place... Okkervil River runs through a party soundtrack... Here comes the (terrorist) bride... And the Primanti Sandwich goes national. Plus: We witness the birth of a clean machine, shine a light on art, and learn the history of comedy.

'Nebraska' Photocall - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Episode 191: Laura Dern, Billy Bragg, and Bite-Sized Giants

This week: "Enlightened" actress Laura Dern on brains and Baio... Folk-rocker Billy Bragg wins hearts and minds in our etiquette segment... They Might Be Giants list tiny gems... We toast the first man(nequin!) in space... The story behind SXSW, as told by the festival's co-founder... Indie musician Tracey Thorn finds her voice... Plus, build-your-own hotels, cocktails by the barrel-ful, Side of the Road music, and lots more.

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Episode 190: Matthew Goode, Dick Cavett, and Tiki Talk

This Week: “Stoker” star Matthew Goode on being a creepy Uncle and devoted Dad… Talk show legend Dick Cavett tells us how to ‘Hitchcock’… Essayist Michelle Orange undergoes a cinematic identity crisis… Ryan Quincy, creator of TV’s “Out There,” comes of age… Indie darlings Adam Green and Binki Shapiro turn scraps and metal into a dinner party soundtrack… How to run away with the circus… And Rico pays his last respects to a Tiki landmark… Plus, fly jokes, upside-downers, and woolly drinks.

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Episode 189: David France, Jackie Collins, and Vampire Lemonade

This week: Oscar-nominated filmmaker David France on plagues and platforms… Pulitzer-finalist Karen Russell sinks her teeth into a new story collection… Bestseller queen Jackie Collins tells you how to (mis)behave… Alex Karpovsky (“Girls”) goes meta… We dip into chip history… Why religion matters to atheists… Plus Graveyard humor, cheating via satellite, and “Entertainment” provided by Phoenix.

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Episode 188: Tim Gunn, Rian Johnson, and Salman Rushdie

This week, we reheat one of our favorite episodes: “Project Runway’s” Tim Gunn dresses down America for dressing down… Salman Rushdie talks fatwas and fake hair… “Looper” director Rian Johnson rolls the bones… famed author Sherman Alexie makes a Protest… A “Simpsons” writer’s favorite odd adaptations… And NYTimes photographer Todd Selby turns his camera on cooks. Plus: How corn helped thaw the cold war, and the official “best word ever.”


Episode 187: Miguel, Rachel Dratch, and Seduction Instruction

This week: R&B sensation (and multiple Grammy-nominee) Miguel spells “wah!”… SNL alum Rachel Dratch lists her favorite lovahhs… “Thomas Jefferson” makes his second inaugural etiquette address… Blues legend Charlie Musselwhite tells a high-flying tale about Muddy Waters… Author Betsy Prioleau defends ladies’ men… Brendan learns not to confuse ‘soulful’ with ‘healthful’… And Aussie psych-band Pond rocks a Giant Tortoise. Plus: a bomb of a cocktail from the Georgia coast, fun with trigonometry, and a library of misfit books.

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Episode 186: Jessica Chastain, Dave Barry, Jimmy Cliff, and Joy(ful) Division

This week: Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain, of “Zero Dark Thirty” on Pitt and pigs… Insane advice from humorist Dave Barry… Joy Division’s Peter Hook tells the bright side of a dark band… A Super Bowl menu, minus meat?… We excavate the story of a crown jewel, then drink a sparkling cocktail… Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff plays dinnertime DJ… Plus, flying goats, contagious laughter, and the spider of the year.

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Episode 185: William H. Macy, Not Sauce, and the Original Animal

This week: "Shameless" star William H. Macy has fun with despicable... Beloved singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith spins a party playlist... NYTimes cocktail columnist Rosie Schaap teaches proper bar behavior... Rico uncovers a sriracha scam... Gonzo filmmaker Jay Bulger ("Beware of Mr. Baker") dives into the messy life of drummer Ginger Baker... And food phenom Eddie Huang ("Fresh Off the Boat") tells us about his first All-American dinner... Plus, non-smoking women, Tim Burton on clubbing, and asteroids full of riches.