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Episode 109: The Icebreaker Episode (2nd Ed.)

Back by popular demand, it's another all-star, all-icebreaker show: Almost every joke we've aired in the last year, collected in one convenient podcast. Patton Oswalt, Miranda July, Spike Jonze, Lemmy and many, many more regale you with miniature tales of animals in bars, drummers in hell and dumb dictators. It's a veritable feast of corn and cheese. Click here for the list of jokes and their tellers...

Episode 108: Don Cheadle, Shredding History, and Speculoos

This week: Actor Don Cheadle (“The Guard”) kisses and doesn’t tell… Music history gets a blast to the eardrums… And Rico discovers the best waffle topping you’ve never heard of. Plus, an uncool joke from Emma Straub, and new old soul from The Shakes.


Episode 106: Errol Morris, Mammoth Cheese, and 4000 Years Of Food

This week: Documentary auteur Errol Morris reluctantly joins the party... A half-ton cheese rolls up to the White House... and we dig into millenia's worth of food with culture critic Lewis Lapham. Plus, a joke from author Ransom Riggs, and a new tune from The War on Drugs.

Episode 104: Shepard Fairey, Menu Mania, and Sliced Bread

This week: Street art superstar Shepard Fairey tags our table... An uncut history of sliced bread... And stacks of historic menus finally get their (web) close-up. Plus, a joke from celt-folk phenom Julie Feeney and a scorching tune from Ty Segall.

Episode 102: John C. Reilly, Lady Umpires, and the ‘Buch

This week: Actor John C. Reilly fights the meanies… A housewife breaks through baseball’s grass ceiling… And Brendan fact-checks “magical” drink kombucha. Plus, a duck-duck joke from Pulitzer-winner Jennifer Egan and a new tune from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. [sic].

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Episode 101: Richard Ayoade, Translantic Transfusion, and Jagger Elks

This week: "Submarine" filmmaker Richard Ayoade starts his own cult... The blood of a sheep breeds some hair of the dog... and Swedes lose the faith -- but only on the inside. Plus, an "Aggie" joke from Texan director Richard Linklater, and a song from the band Cults - in keeping with the theme.

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Episode 100: Randy Newman, DPD History, and the 100-Year-Old Egg

This week: It's our 100th episode! To celebrate, Brendan talks to one of his dream guests, music icon Randy Newman... Rico excavates a 100-Year-Old Egg... And we delve into our own history (with booze). Also, listeners share their own dream dinner party guests. Plus, we make a long overdue call to the Sea and Cake, and spin a historic cover song from Dr. Dog.