Episode 104: Shepard Fairey, Menu Mania, and Sliced Bread

This week: Street art superstar Shepard Fairey tags our table... An uncut history of sliced bread... And stacks of historic menus finally get their (web) close-up. Plus, a joke from celt-folk phenom Julie Feeney and a scorching tune from Ty Segall.

Episode 102: John C. Reilly, Lady Umpires, and the ‘Buch

This week: Actor John C. Reilly fights the meanies… A housewife breaks through baseball’s grass ceiling… And Brendan fact-checks “magical” drink kombucha. Plus, a duck-duck joke from Pulitzer-winner Jennifer Egan and a new tune from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. [sic].

Richard_Ayoade_web 5-thumb-275xauto

Episode 101: Richard Ayoade, Translantic Transfusion, and Jagger Elks

This week: "Submarine" filmmaker Richard Ayoade starts his own cult... The blood of a sheep breeds some hair of the dog... and Swedes lose the faith -- but only on the inside. Plus, an "Aggie" joke from Texan director Richard Linklater, and a song from the band Cults - in keeping with the theme.

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Episode 100: Randy Newman, DPD History, and the 100-Year-Old Egg

This week: It's our 100th episode! To celebrate, Brendan talks to one of his dream guests, music icon Randy Newman... Rico excavates a 100-Year-Old Egg... And we delve into our own history (with booze). Also, listeners share their own dream dinner party guests. Plus, we make a long overdue call to the Sea and Cake, and spin a historic cover song from Dr. Dog.

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Episode 98: Fleet Foxes, Pac-Man Pizza, and a Michelin Man

This week: Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold talks Hymnals and hair… Gaming gets a ladies’ Man… And three stars are borne - by master chef Paul Liebrandt. Plus, a joke from street artiste Shepard Fairey, and a dreamy tune by Dirty Projectors.