Episode 123: John Jeremiah Sullivan, Dick Cavett-iquette, and Wild Flag

This week: Essayist John Jeremiah Sullivan takes a hard left turn...Talk show giant Dick Cavett spits out etiquette tips... We learn the meaning of "peplum"... Mega-producer Nile Rodgers gets revenge on Studio 54... The Edsel flops right into a cocktail glass... And Caldecott Award-winner Brian Selznick (Hugo) shares unforgettable picture books - for adults. Plus a playlist from indierock supergroup Wild Flag.


Episode 122: Sir Richard Branson, Jonathan Lethem, and Masters of Etiquette

This week, Sir Richard Branson drops the ‘sir’ for us… writer Jonathan Lethem squeezes Gertrude Stein, Jack Kerouac, and Drew Barrymore into a hot tub…. why we wanted our MTV… the (non-Portland) trailblazer of b-ball backboard-breaking… “Extreme Makeover: Urban Food Store Edition”… and iconic singer-songwriter Judy Collins muses on being a muse.


Episode 120: Chuck Klosterman, Diabolical Hawkes, and Zagats in the Zeitgeist

This Week: Author Chuck Klosterman tosses aside salad... Rap diva Big Freedia on booty etiquette... And the Zagats guide Brendan through the history of the Zagat guide. Plus, the Beatles' rooftop concert in first-person, John Hawkes on playing a monster, and a soundtrack from a Little Dragon.

Episode 119: Antonio Banderas, Old-School Candy, and Music from a Non-belieber

This Week: The Dinner Party Download fattens up to become *The Dinner Party* - a cool hour of culture. Actor Antonio Banderas talks about learning to talk... jazz phenom Esperanza Spalding cues up her party soundtrack... and Rico tastes Turkish Delight. Plus, killer beer, documentaries for the doc-averse...and etiquette from Jackie Collins.

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Episode 118: Little Dragon and Big Small Talk

This week: As we ready for next week's hour-long show premiere, we serve up two more courses from the DPD test kitchen. You'll hear suggestions for your dinner party soundtrack from Swedish band Little Dragon. Plus, author Alexander Maksik flies into a moth-joke trap.

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Episode 116: Jeanne Darst, Gary Hustwit, and the DPD Hotline

This week, we continue to prepare for the hour-long version of the show by serving up some new courses. You'll "overhear" a story from author Jeanne Darst, take a Chattering Class on urban design with filmmaker Gary Hustwit, and learn the number of our new dinner-party hotline. (Drunk dialing allowed.) Let us know what you think! Plus, a traumatizing joke from debut novelist Justin Torres, and a new tune from the Stepkids.

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Episode 115: What if the DPD was an hour-long show?

Welcome to The Dinner Party - a culture show that gives you everything you need to win this weekend's dinner party. On the menu: Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan quacks us up, comedian Demetri Martin takes us on a dietary journey, and we pose our burning etiquette questions to Broadway sensation Elaine Stritch. Plus, an interview with breakout actress Greta Gerwig, poetry from Billy Collins, and lots more.