Episode 129: The List Show

This week: We celebrate the year's end with an all-list show. Film critic A.O. Scott explains the art (and anxiety) behind list-making... The Colbert Report's Opus Moreschi curates the year in comedy... sleeper hit films... Lists with identity crises... And the Onion lists the year's top news stories that never happened. Plus, a glimpse of the future feat. jetpacks, platefuls of bark, and your favorite artists of *next* year (like Jhene Aiko and the XX).

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Episode 128: The Best of 2011

This week: We celebrate the best of 2011 Hear Guest of Honor interviews with Spike Lee, Carrie Brownstein, and Randy Newman... groove to disco godfather Nile Rodgers' tale of the birth of "Le Freak"... feast on a heart-stopping sandwich and a 100-year-old egg... toast Sweden's turn to the right... ponder a bigger Small Talk... then set your New Year's playlists with Song Of The Year picks from listeners like you.

Episode 127: Patton Oswalt, Dinner for Breakfast, & Pre-Holiday Post Etiquette

This week: Patton Oswalt rocks our public radio world… A travel list from essayist Sloane Crosley… A shot-less heist inspires a shot-full cocktail… The “Rules of Regifting,” according to etiquette royalty… Author Jay Kirk tells the tale of Barnum versus Britannia… a dinner party soundtrack from Kathryn Calder of the band The New Pornographers… and Rico gets a brief history of breakfast.

Episode 126: Gary Oldman, Top Chef: Etiquette, and Instant History

This week: Actor Gary Oldman turns our world upside-down… Top Chef’s Gail Simmons spills some sweet and saucy etiquette tips… Artist/Musician Terry Allen uncovers 3 lost gems… We toast the instant replay (twice)… and author Lou Beach tells 6 stories with 420 characters. Plus, a crash course in video games, a joke from Brit-com phenom Stephen Merchant, and a tune from Chairlift.

Episode 125: Michelle Williams, Inspired Vodka, and GZA the Genius

This week: Actress Michelle Williams channels Marilyn... GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan proves his Genius... New Yorker critic Alex Ross shares the best of his "Best Of"... child star Barry Livingston picks his favorite characters... Gossip and Etiquette collide... Rico inhales some world-class vodka... and 7 ways to read a sandwich.


Episode 123: John Jeremiah Sullivan, Dick Cavett-iquette, and Wild Flag

This week: Essayist John Jeremiah Sullivan takes a hard left turn...Talk show giant Dick Cavett spits out etiquette tips... We learn the meaning of "peplum"... Mega-producer Nile Rodgers gets revenge on Studio 54... The Edsel flops right into a cocktail glass... And Caldecott Award-winner Brian Selznick (Hugo) shares unforgettable picture books - for adults. Plus a playlist from indierock supergroup Wild Flag.


Episode 122: Sir Richard Branson, Jonathan Lethem, and Masters of Etiquette

This week, Sir Richard Branson drops the ‘sir’ for us… writer Jonathan Lethem squeezes Gertrude Stein, Jack Kerouac, and Drew Barrymore into a hot tub…. why we wanted our MTV… the (non-Portland) trailblazer of b-ball backboard-breaking… “Extreme Makeover: Urban Food Store Edition”… and iconic singer-songwriter Judy Collins muses on being a muse.


Episode 120: Chuck Klosterman, Diabolical Hawkes, and Zagats in the Zeitgeist

This Week: Author Chuck Klosterman tosses aside salad... Rap diva Big Freedia on booty etiquette... And the Zagats guide Brendan through the history of the Zagat guide. Plus, the Beatles' rooftop concert in first-person, John Hawkes on playing a monster, and a soundtrack from a Little Dragon.