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Episode 114: Steve James, Must-See Docs, and Jens Lekman

This week: Steve James, director of "Hoop Dreams" and "The Interrupters," interrupts our regularly scheduled programming to list some docs you'll love, even if you're doc-avoidant. Plus, Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman gets up in his own grill. Much more to come as we prep for a longer, tastier DPD... stay tuned.

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Episode 113: Gus Van Sant, Government Lunches, and Glutenny

This week: Filmmaker Gus Van Sant gives us the silent treatment... America says Uncle... And Brendan gets the lowdown on gluten from Erin "Babycakes" McKenna. Plus, Soleil Moon Frye (a.k.a. Punky Brewster) kids around, and Feist offers up a bluesy new tune.

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Episode 112: Terry Allen, Swedish Rights, and Sissy Bounce

This week: Musician/Artist Terry Allen re-mystifies love... Sweden gets on the right track... And tennis superstar Novak Djokovic eggs himself on. Plus, a joke from a bitter Kiwi and a bouncin' track from Big Freedia.

Tv On The Radio Photographed by Victoria Will

Episode 111: TV on the Radio, Moonicorns, and Sophisticake

This week: TV on the Radio explains why it's raining milk...The Sun talks craziness about the moon...And we treat ourselves to the cake to end all cakes. Plus, a joke from actress Claire Sloma and a fierce new track from Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks.

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Episode 109: The Icebreaker Episode (2nd Ed.)

Back by popular demand, it's another all-star, all-icebreaker show: Almost every joke we've aired in the last year, collected in one convenient podcast. Patton Oswalt, Miranda July, Spike Jonze, Lemmy and many, many more regale you with miniature tales of animals in bars, drummers in hell and dumb dictators. It's a veritable feast of corn and cheese. Click here for the list of jokes and their tellers...

Episode 108: Don Cheadle, Shredding History, and Speculoos

This week: Actor Don Cheadle (“The Guard”) kisses and doesn’t tell… Music history gets a blast to the eardrums… And Rico discovers the best waffle topping you’ve never heard of. Plus, an uncool joke from Emma Straub, and new old soul from The Shakes.


Episode 106: Errol Morris, Mammoth Cheese, and 4000 Years Of Food

This week: Documentary auteur Errol Morris reluctantly joins the party... A half-ton cheese rolls up to the White House... and we dig into millenia's worth of food with culture critic Lewis Lapham. Plus, a joke from author Ransom Riggs, and a new tune from The War on Drugs.