Episode 32: Andy Borowitz, Cornography, Tipping Tips

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Andy Borowitz/Photo courtesy of Andy Borowitz

This week: Brendan sizes up humorist Andy Borowitz…we unearth a corny communist plot…and Rico gets tips on tipping.

Icebreaker: Comedienne Natasha Leggero tells a joke
Comedienne Natasha Leggero tells a joke about a Buddhist that does not involve a hot dog cart

Small Talk: Illegal police vehicles, model warnings & Norwegian cows
The staff from public radio’s Marketplace share their favorite offbeat news stories from the week

History Lesson with Booze: Corn for Commies & “Roswell’s Weapon”
This week in 1959, American farmer Roswell Garst and Nikita Khruschev threw corn at the press corps.

Guest of Honor: Andy Borowitz
Comedian Andy Borowitz writes for The New Yorker, is a pundit on CNN and his own comedy site The Borowitz Report, but he’ll always be remembered for creating The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Main Course: Tipping Tips
The foodosphere is deep in discussion about tipping and how it affects restaurant culture. Rico speaks with Phoebe Damrosch, author of “Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter,” about how to change the system.

One for the Road: Local Natives, “Airplanes”
A song for you to listen to on the way to, or coming home from, this weekend’s dinner party