Episode 259: Rich Sommer, Jackie Collins, and Roger Ebert, Remembered

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Larry Busacca / Getty Images Entertainment
Larry Busacca / Getty Images Entertainment

The life and legacy of critic Roger Ebert … Secret liaisons with Jackie Collins … Boozing and camping with “Mad Men” actor Rich Sommer … Heavy metal rockers Zig Zags crash your party … A spooky, supernatural adventure … Crafting a symbol of Pride … A joke for book-worms … And dating for super-nerds.


Emma Straub - "Problems"


Author Emma Straub schools us with a smarty-pants joke.

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Mensa Match-Making

Small Talk

A new collaboration between "genius society" Mensa and dating site Match.com helps the super-smart seeking a meeting of the minds.

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Raising the Pride Flag

A History Lesson With Booze ®

In 1978, a former soldier with a sewing machine and his friend Harvey Milk decided it was time to craft a symbol of gay pride. The rainbow flag they made became recognizable around the world and changed Gilbert Baker's own life forever.

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Zig Zags Mellow, for a Moment


L.A. trio Zig Zags are known for heavy, retro metal-punk and have collaborated with Iggy Pop and Ty Segall. They turned the volume down a notch to put together this mellow, '70s-style playlist.

Steve James, director of LIFE ITSELF, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

Roger Ebert: A Life on Film

Chattering Class

"Life Itself" - the new film by Steve James which he began filming just five months before Roger Ebert's death - documents the beloved film critic's life and legacy.

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Eerie Ordeals


Lauren Owen's debut novel, "The Quick" is a gothic, supernatural tale, set in Victorian England about a woman searching for her brother who has gone missing under very mysterious circumstances.

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What 'Mad Men' Actor Rich Sommer Isn't Doing on Set

Guest of Honor

At our live show in Santa Monica, Rich Sommer -- aka Harry Crane on AMC's "Mad Men" -- tells us what's actually in those vintage cocktail glasses from which his character's always sipping... and about the sordid history of Uno.


Jackie Collins' Etiquette: Lying, Infidelity, Decadence


Bestselling novelist Jackie Collins answers audience etiquette live on stage at our June, 2014 event. It gets a little saucy, and not solely because her latest project is a cookbook.

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