Seinabo Sey’s Spicy Soundtrack

Swedish soul singer Seinabo Sey sang at a Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and got her face on a national postage stamp… all before even releasing her first EP. Now that hotly-anticipated debut record, “For Madeleine,” is out, and she’s wrapping up a US tour.  This week she made us a playlist that indicates she’s not eager to return […]


Natalie Prass’ Soundtrack of Sisterhood

Singer-songwriter Natalie Prass crafts the confessional 1970s-style songs that one might expect from a woman who was until recently a member of Jenny Lewis' band, and will soon be hitting the road touring with Ryan Adams. Vogue recently praised the "sense of intimacy, reflection, and immediacy" that fills her debut LP, which comes next week.


Twerps’ Soundtrack for Turning a Party Up or Down

Melbourne, Australia-based band Twerps have been making warm, retro-inspired power pop since 2008. Their new album, "Range Anxiety," is currently available for pre-order ahead of its January 27th release, and they will be touring the US starting in March.

Conor Oberst - Press Pic 1

Conor Oberst’s Perfectly Imperfect Playlist

Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst takes us through a party, from dancing with crab rolls and admiring national treasures, to what he thinks might clear the room (though we beg to differ).

Photo: Tim Zaragoza

Jessie Ware Takes Us to a Romantic Zone

From a career launched in the UK dance music scene to her recent collaborations with American R&B royalty, Jessie Ware crafts beautiful songs which blend the electronic with the soulful — and the longing with the sassy. Just like her party playlist.

Cory Schwartz / Getty Images

Kevin Morby Settles Down

Kevin Morby is a former member of the indie bands Woods and The Babies, but now buzz has been building around his solo album "Still Life" -- which he's currently on a world tour to promote. He spun us a playlist that's perfect for cooking a meal... or driving home afterwards.


A Dinner Party in Lavender Country

In 1973, "Lavender Country" was the first openly gay album of country music. It has been reissued and its creator, Patrick Haggerty, continues his work as a musician and activist.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Rivers Cuomo’s Dramatic Pop Party

The band Weezer produced some of the hookiest rock hits of the Nineties and Aughties, and continue to inspire the devotion of legions of fans. Hot on the heels of their latest album "Everything Will Be Alright In the End," band-leader Rivers Cuomo spins us a dramatic party playlist that's all in the now.