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Rivers Cuomo’s Dramatic Pop Party

The band Weezer produced some of the hookiest rock hits of the 1990s and Oughties, and continue to inspire the devotion of legions of fans. Hot on the heels of their latest album "Everything Will Be Alright In the End," band-leader Rivers Cuomo spins us a dramatic party playlist that's all in the now.

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R&B Songstress Banks Casts a Spell on our Party

The dark R&B sound of Banks has made her an online favorite, and last month her debut album "Goddess" was a top twenty hit. Today she serves up bewitching soundtrack full of distinctive voices, and hypnotic beats.

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Perfume Genius’ Party Rituals

Mike Hadreus -- aka Seattle musician Perfume Genius -- is known for almost painfully personal songs, but his new album "Too Bright" is making waves with its more anthemic sound and attitude. Not unexpectedly, there are a lot of emotions conveyed in the music he'd spin at a party: defiant, comforting... and occulty.

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Interpol’s Daniel Kessler Gathers Some Characters

Interpol's dark, angular debut "Turn On The Bright Lights" was one of the defining rock albums of the early 21st century. Guitarist and backing vocalist Daniel Kessler took a break from the band's ongoing tour in support of their latest LP -- "El Pintor" -- to spin us a party playlist for minimalists.


Hiss Golden Messenger Hides the Musical Medicine

MC Taylor is half of the country-rock duo Hiss Golden Messenger, who just released their fifth album, "Lateness of Dancers." He offered us his party playlist... for introverts.


A.C. Newman Holds Us Captive

Singer-songwriter A.C. Newman has produced four solo albums in addition to his work with The New Pornographers. The group has a new album this month, "Brill Bruisers." He spins us a party playlist, and performs a close lyrical analysis of the Doobie Brothers.

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Music for the Moon and Stars from Rodrigo Amarante

Brazilian musician and songwriter Rodrigo Amarante has been part of the bands Los Hermanos, Orquestra Imperial, and the U.S. indie outfit Little Joy. He provides a party playlist to spin under the stars.

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Jenny Lewis Shares Mint Chips, Ticking Clocks

Singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis dominated the early-aughts with her wistful indie pop. She's back this month with a new solo record. Her dinner party soundtrack is easy to love - and easy to leave.

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People Get Ready for a Party

Brooklyn band People Get Ready create electronic pop that, while it stands alone on record, is composed with choreography in mind. The playlist they provide this week may itself inspire a bit of dancing.