Adam Granduciel of The War On Drugs. Photo by Dusdin Condren.

Fighting for Classic Rock with The War on Drugs

Classic-rock revivalists The War on Drugs have made a major breakthrough with their third record, "Lost in the Dream." The band is currently in the midst of a tour, selling out club after club across North America. Adam Granduciel, the man behind the band, offers up a dinner party playlist.

The Preatures / Credit: Ali Mitton

The Preatures Shine Through Dark Times

The Preatures join us to play a song live in our studio and share some other party rocking favorites. The band is divided over Nick Drake.

Jeremy Jay - Color - Photo by Marcel Castenmiller

Songs for a Quiet Night with Jeremy Jay

After working on his darkly dreamy new album in nigh-reclusion, we asked indie synth-pop musician Jeremy Jay for songs to play at a party.

Photo by Danny Dorsa

Mutual Benefit Admiration Society

Jordan Lee makes music under the moniker Mutual Benefit. He has been playing small rooms of in-the-know crowds for years - but with his new release, he is set to break through big time. He gives us a party playlist of other indie acts that share his subtle style.

Bill Callahan - Photo by Hanly Banks

Seventies Songs for a Swinging Fondue Party with Bill Callahan

American-inflected singer-songwriter Bill Callahan is back with "Dream River," his 18th record since 1990. When compiling his dinner party soundtrack, he recalled his parents' 1970s dinner parties and went with a subtle, retro sound and a bit of depth below the surface.