Small Talk

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A Story You May Think You’ve Heard Before

Reyhan Harmanci, senior editor of Fast Company, tells us about the unusual situation of a 23 year old man in England who suffers from a particularly terrible case of deja vu as a complication of his anxiety.

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The Technophobe Dream Town Where Wi-Fi is Banned

Green Bank, WV falls within a government-mandated "radio quiet zone" due to the nearby radio telescopes. That means residents cannot have wi-fi, cell phones, or many other modern devices.


Soon You Might Be Able to Go Inside a Horror Movie

If going inside a hyper-realistic, immerse virtual reality horror film is your idea of a fun time - and you happen to own an Oculus Rift - there's a project you may want to support.

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Taylor Swift Moves Static

Taylor Swift has the pop star wattage to sell anything, it seems. Even eight seconds of static, released by glitch, which hit Number One on Canada's iTunes charts.