Small Talk

Photo: British Airways

Mood Blankets for First Class

British Airways is testing a high-tech "happiness blanket" that changes colors to indicate a passenger's in-flight mood.

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Mensa Match-Making

A new collaboration between "genius society" Mensa and dating site helps the super-smart seeking a meeting of the minds.

ACK GUEZ / AFP Getty Images

Restoring a Van Gogh… Ear

We are all ears (sorry) for a story about an artist/scientist who has re-grown Vincent Van Gogh's famously severed ear.

Evans Carlson as a brigadier general. Marine Corps photo. Source:

Feeling Gung-Ho About China

The expression "Gung-Ho" entered the American vocabulary through the Marine Corps - but it was picked up by the Marines from an unexpected source.

Hulton Archive

A Surprising Surge in ‘Sadvertising’

For years, the mega-trend in advertising was to make the consumer laugh. These days, though, it seems that advertising creatives are swinging to the sentimental.

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A Battle of Instruments in Hawaii

Ukulele might seem like a lock for official state instrument of Hawaii - but a group of steel guitar enthusiasts beg to differ.

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Sport

The Fuzzy Science of ‘Peak Beard’

Beards have become so popular in contemporary fashion that a study shows we may have hit Peak Beard - the tipping point when clean-shaven stands out as rare and attractive.