One For The Road

Photo Credit: Emily Beaver

Paul Burch – ‘Meridian’

Paul Burch is a piano playing Nashvillian who loves honky tonk. His latest project is "Meridian Rising," and it's a musical autobiography of the father of country music Jimmie Rodgers. Here's a track called, "Meridian."

Nadia album

Nadia Reid – ‘Call the Days’

Nadia Reid is a young New Zealand based folk musician with a new album called "Listen to Formation, Look for Signs." Here's a track from it entitled "Call the Days."

Photo courtesy of Sony Music.

Chairlift – ‘Ch-Ching’

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly are the duo behind Chairlift. Their new album, "Moth," comes out in January, but we can hear a track from it now called "Cha-Ching."


Suburban Lawns – ‘Janitor’

Suburban Lawns were a post-punk band from Long Beach, California in the late '70s early '80s. They only released one, celebrated album and a few weeks back, the label Futurismo released it again. Here's a track from it called "Janitor."

Photo Credit: Kim Hjorthøy

Dungen – ‘Akt Dit’

Swedish psych-band Dungen have a new album out titled "Allas Sak," which Google tells us, means "Everyone's thing." It's certainly been our thing the past couple of days. Here's the album's first single, "Akt Dit."

Photo Credit: David Armstrong

The Mantles – ‘Doorframe’

The Mantles are a pop group that call the Bay Area home. They have a new album coming out on October 16 called "All Odds End." Here's the album's lead track, "Doorframe"


Los Colognes – ‘Golden Dragon Hut’

Los Colognes are a six-piece blues band from Nashville with a soft spot for Dire Straits. Don't take our word for it, take a listen to "Golden Dragon Hut," off their new album "Dos."