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Pudding of Poets, Haggis Gets Updated

During a visit to one of the only California restaurants to make haggis on a daily basis, a chef teaches Rico about the dish's heritage and how she updates it for American tastes.

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Reasonable Explanations for ‘Hunger Rage’

Feeling 'hangry' - irritable due to hunger - is more than an internet-age excuse for grumpiness. It turns out to be a verifiable phenomenon with some complex causes embedded in modern culture.

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‘Proof’ Connects Distillation to the Heart of Civilization

Adam Rogers' new book "Proof: The Science of Booze" investigates how humans discovered the techniques of fermentation and distillation, the great lengths to which some go to perfect those techniques, and why alcohol makes us human beings.

Textile died with red onion skin and vinegar by Cara Marie Piazza

Turning Food Waste into Textiles

Textile designer Cara Marie Piazza isn't afraid of food stains on her clothes - to the contrary, they're the basis of her work. She creates a rainbow of designs utilizing onion skins and other food waste otherwise destined for the compost bin.


Tiny Teff Hits a Huge Market

A new company is betting Ethiopia's staple grain -- tiny, tiny, Teff -- will catch on with gluten-freers in America... and in the process help Ethiopian farmers. Rico learns it makes pretty good pancakes, too.

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Hot, Bitter Horseradish Tears

New York's The Pickle Guys have been making pickles - and horseradish - since 1910. Around Passover, things really heat up: they produce barrels and barrels of fresh horseradish.

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Getting Steamed Up Over the Best Milk for Coffee

Most of the latte you buy at a coffee shop is, as the name implies, milk. Serious shops know the importance of sourcing or making dairy and non-dairy milks that are truly worthy of topping your perfectly-pulled espresso.