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We Kibitz About Knish

Brendan joins Jewish soul food expert Laura Silver, to soak in some knish knowledge and test the limits of pun humor.

Photo courtesy of Nate Smith

Bar Bolinas Brings NorCal Cuisine to Brooklyn

Chefs Nate Smith and Sophie Kamin have brought Northern California cuisine to Brooklyn. Chief among their offerings is "Dutch Crunch" -- a thick, savory bun that could be the ideal capper for a burger.

Photo credit: Eric Shin

Hawaiian Cuisine: The Ultimate in Fusion Food

Rico digs into the history of Hawaiian cuisine, the ultimate in fusion food. Johnny Yoo, the executive chef of Roy Choi's L.A. restaurant A-Frame, is creating yet another phase in the multi-continental cuisine's evolution.

Pierette Huttner, Mustard Sommelier.

A Mustard for Every Occasion

French mustard brand Maille opened up a store in Manhattan recently. They sell dozens of mustard varieties there, and to help people decide what to pair them with, they hired "mustard sommelier" Pierrette Huttner.


Sichuan Cuisine is Heating Up American Tastes

The bold flavors and exotic ingredients which typify cooking from the Sichuan region of China are drawing huge crowds to small restaurants in California's San Gabriel Valley.

Fake Restaurant Abbrev’s Satirizes Food Trends

Comedian brothers Danny and Anthony Palumbo found themselves laughing at the over-earnestness of many in the dining world (along with the popularity of both small plates and cutesy abbreviated slang) and decided to parody all those trends at once with a meticulously-crafted website for a fictional restaurant, Abbrev's.