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A Beer Historian on Today’s Beer Trends

We turned to beer critic and historian William Bostwick to pour over some recent beer news, from craft brewers getting a little too crafty, to sport stadium beer that's not quite boozy enough.

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Chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s Work is Excellent — Not Fine

Acclaimed chef and best-selling author Gabrielle Hamilton knows her way around a kitchen. For 15 years she has helmed Prune, one of the most celebrated restaurants in New York City, and her memoir "Blood Bones and Butter" won a James Beard award. This month she released her first cookbook, "Prune."


A New Trend Bubbling Up: Carbonated Coffee

Building on the cold brew coffee trend - and the eternal love for cracking open a cold, carbonated bottled drink on a hot day - Austin entrepreneur Kevin Chen has developed Coffer, a naturally-fermented carbonated coffee soda.


Forget Green Tea, There’s a New Weird Kit Kat Trend

Food fans have long known Japan gets the kookiest Kit Kats, but that country's latest Kit-Kraze goes beyond matcha, soy sauce or cherry variations. It's kind of a candy bar crossed with a Shrinky Dink. Just in time for Halloween, Rico and food writer Clarissa Wei cook some up.


The Smooth Evolution of Baby Food

The concept of "baby food" as anything other than breast milk is fairly modern. A new book by scholar Amy Bentley charts the evolution of this not-so-baby sector of the food world.


A Brief History of Ketchup

In Los Angeles, chef Nick Coe painstakingly crafts and markets his "Molonay Tubilderborst" ketchups. He tells us about the complex precursors to the humble condiment, and why there's more to life than Heinz.

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Cat Cafes Come to Canada

Le Café des Chats is North America's first-ever cat cafe, where pet-less urbanites and assorted cat people can sit down for a coffee and snack with some feline friends.


Mutant Donnolis Take Manhattan

We have covered a few 'fusion foods' (cronuts, sushiritos) The newest nom-able neologism is 'donnoli,' a doughnut-cannoli combo. How many more mash-ups can we take?