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Why You Might Want to Reconsider How You Store Your Cheese

When you buy fancy cheese where do you store it? You know, besides your mouth? While some people may just wrap it up in plastic and throw it in the fridge, that’s actually what you shouldn’t do, as Brendan recently learned. He talks with the inventor of the Cheese Grotto, a new specialty home device that works like a lot like a cigar humidor for your cheese.

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Au Bon Paan

Paan is an item, often chewed in India and elsewhere. It is the leaf of a betel plant, wrapped around sweet, savory or aromatic spices, candies and betel nut. Essentially, you chew the paan and it perks you up, freshens your breath, and supposedly acts as a digestif. Rico heads to Artesia to sample some paan, which Chaitnya Vyas expertly crafts with a variety of flavors at K.C. Paan & Chaat House.

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Why Eel Meals Have Been Popping up on Menus Across New York City

For the most part, Americans only know eel from Japanese cuisine like Unagi and Anago sushi. But that might be changing. Sierra Tishgart is the senior editor at New York Magazine's Grub Street food blog and she recently wrote an article about the emergence of eel on New York restaurant menus. Brendan is not a big fan of eel, but to learn more, he met up with her at High Street on Hudson, one of these eel-happy establishments.

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Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Hype About the Whiskey Shortage

If you believe news stories that have been flying around for the last few months... the world's in the midst of a whiskey shortage. So to find out more, Rico spoke to Reid Mitenbuler, who recently wrote a book about the history of American whiskey. He's got a contrarian view of the so-called "shortage" and explains why.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson during Grand Opening of LocoL (Photo Credit: Audrey Ma)

Roy Choi Puts the ‘Food’ Back in Fast Food With LocoL

Fast food is a $200 billion dollar a year industry in the U.S., but it's actually a staple of some people's diets because it's some of the only food in their neighborhood and because -- shock -- they like the taste. So, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson - decided to fight fryer with fryer and prove that "fine fast food" is not an oxymoron.


Soup Joumou: A Hatian New Year’s Tradition With A Rich History

Rico got a little ahead of himself this week and celebrated New Year's Day, but he sipped something without bubbles. It's called soup joumou. It's a soup with squash and macaroni that's traditionally eaten on New Year's Day in Haiti. And there's a really great reason for that. To learn about the soup and its history, he headed to the Haitian restaurant TiGeorges' Chicken in L.A.

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Redbird Delivers a Hanukkah Menu With Modern Twist

Typical Hanukkah fare features foods cooked in oil. Mainly to symbolize the miracle by which a night's worth of lamp oil lasted eight nights... but also because fried food is delicious. So Rico headed over to Redbird -- one of the top restaurants in L.A. -- to sample sophisticated takes on latkes and sufganiyot (a.k.a donuts).