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Soup Joumou: A Hatian New Year’s Tradition With A Rich History

Rico got a little ahead of himself this week and celebrated New Year's Day, but he sipped something without bubbles. It's called soup joumou. It's a soup with squash and macaroni that's traditionally eaten on New Year's Day in Haiti. And there's a really great reason for that. To learn about the soup and its history, he headed to the Haitian restaurant TiGeorges' Chicken in L.A.

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Redbird Delivers a Hanukkah Menu With Modern Twist

Typical Hanukkah fare features foods cooked in oil. Mainly to symbolize the miracle by which a night's worth of lamp oil lasted eight nights... but also because fried food is delicious. So Rico headed over to Redbird -- one of the top restaurants in L.A. -- to sample sophisticated takes on latkes and sufganiyot (a.k.a donuts).

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Talkin’ Turkey With Bon Appétit: Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving Clever and Classic

Thanksgiving is closing in on us. Which means home cooks across the country are crafting Thanksgiving menus and confronting the annual paradox: how do you respect tradition and keep things interesting Let Brendan and Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport give you a little rundown of Thanksgiving do's, don'ts, and inventive ways to make use of those leftovers (think: Turkey Pho).

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Nerding Out with ‘Food Lab’ Writer J. Kenji López-Alt

This week, Brendan talked with self-professed food nerd J. Kenji López-Alt about his new book, "The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science." It's a thousand-page book on every food in the world... and how most people are cooking them wrong. The chef and Serious Eats managing culinary director explains his method of bringing science to the kitchen and busting that myth about searing meat.

Host Phil Rosenthal bikes through streets of Barcelona with a leg of world-famous jamon. (Courtesy of WGBH)

Phil Rosenthal Takes his Passion for Food to TV and Worldwide

Phil Rosenthal, creator of the megahit sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond," famously fed his staff better than anyone in show business. These days, he invests in restaurants from chefs like Mario Batali... and starting this week he hosts his own food travel series on PBS: "I'll Have What Phil's Having. He talks to Rico about his foodie awakening and the worst lasagna in history.

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Oocha: A New Front in the War Against Coffee

Despite Brendan's efforts against coffee, tea remains just a sad bag, bobbing on the surface of a tepid cup of neglect. But there's hope in the form of "oocha." Learn all about the cold drink, brewed from oolong tea, that'll make you forget about its bolder, trendy cousin matcha.