Main Course


The Smooth Evolution of Baby Food

The concept of "baby food" as anything other than breast milk is fairly modern. A new book by scholar Amy Bentley charts the evolution of this not-so-baby sector of the food world.


A Brief History of Ketchup

In Los Angeles, chef Nick Coe painstakingly crafts and markets his "Molonay Tubilderborst" ketchups. He tells us about the complex precursors to the humble condiment, and why there's more to life than Heinz.

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Cat Cafes Come to Canada

Le Café des Chats is North America's first-ever cat cafe, where pet-less urbanites and assorted cat people can sit down for a coffee and snack with some feline friends.


Mutant Donnolis Take Manhattan

We have covered a few 'fusion foods' (cronuts, sushiritos) The newest nom-able neologism is 'donnoli,' a doughnut-cannoli combo. How many more mash-ups can we take?


Alice Waters and Impenetrable Apples

For some kids, going back to school this autumn is going to be a bit healthier and more delicious, thanks to the work of chef and food activist Alice Waters and The Edible Schoolyard Project.

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Pudding of Poets, Haggis Gets Updated

During a visit to one of the only California restaurants to make haggis on a daily basis, a chef teaches Rico about the dish's heritage and how she updates it for American tastes.

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Reasonable Explanations for ‘Hunger Rage’

Feeling 'hangry' - irritable due to hunger - is more than an internet-age excuse for grumpiness. It turns out to be a verifiable phenomenon with some complex causes embedded in modern culture.

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‘Proof’ Connects Distillation to the Heart of Civilization

Adam Rogers' new book "Proof: The Science of Booze" investigates how humans discovered the techniques of fermentation and distillation, the great lengths to which some go to perfect those techniques, and why alcohol makes us human beings.