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Jordan Peele on ‘Get Out’: ‘Society is the Most Fascinating Monster of All’

You may know Jordan as half of the comedy duo behind "Key & Peele," but his latest project has a totally different tone. It's a horror movie he wrote and directed called "Get Out." Hear our extended interview, where talks about his transition to writing and directing horror, making a serious exploration of racism, and his deep love of Disney.

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Steve Jones Adds His Two Cents on Sex Pistols History with ‘Lonely Boy’

Back in the '70s, Steve Jones and his band, Sex Pistols, lasted all of three years and put out a single album, but they helped turn punk from a fringe musical movement to a snarling, international phenomena and gave misfits everywhere anthems like, "Anarchy in the U.K." Before telling our audience how to behave in mosh pits, the musician stopped by to talk about why writing his autobiography felt like torture and explains his stance on the disputed origins of punk.


Caitlin Moran on Turning from Pop to Politics

As a homeschooled, pop-culture-obsessed 17-year-old, Caitlin Moran landed a gig writing columns for the Times in the U.K. Twenty-odd years later, she's racked up a ton of awards for these frank and funny pieces. Her new book, "Moranifesto," collects her favorite recent writings and before turning to our audience’s etiquette questions, she shared her methods for improving the world (hint: saunas) and maintaining an optimistic outlook in dark times.

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Anthony Bourdain on How Fatherhood Influenced His New Cookbook

In 2000, Anthony Bourdain's best-selling memoir, "Kitchen Confidential," gave readers what was then a shocking glimpse at the difficult, dangerous and sometimes hedonistic lives of restaurant kitchen workers. He's also won a Peabody and three Emmys in a row for his current CNN travel show, "Parts Unknown." Bourdain's new cookbook -- co-written with Laurie Woolever -- is called "Appetites." He explains how working with his daughter in the kitchen help shaped the recipes and tells us how the culinary world has changed since "Kitchen Confidential."


Gustavo Arellano Pushes A Few Buttons

Normally during Small Talk, we have a newshound share their favorite under-the-radar story. For our show at the Now Hear This podcast festival, we welcomed to the stage one of the most delightful bomb-throwers in Southern California journalism -- Gustavo Arellano. He's the publisher and editor of the OC Weekly. He breaks down the trend of “Columbusing” in the culinary world, before explaining why that “door close” elevator button is just for your mental health.

Norm MacDonald

Norm Macdonald Goes Gonzo

Norm Macdonald has been a major figure in the comedy world since at least the early '90s, when he began a long run as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live,” where he managed to delight and/or outrage the audience and his bosses with his take no prisoner satire. Now he's published a memoir called, "Based on a True Story.” Before tackling our listeners' etiquette questions, the comedian explains why the book is filled with half-truths.