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Mackenzie Davis Worries About the Next ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’

Actor Mackenzie Davis plays the punk rock coding genius Cameron in the AMC series "Halt and Catch Fire." Her latest film is called "Always Shine." It's both a psychological thriller and a look at the sexist pressures of Hollywood. She talks with Brendan about the gender stories featured in the film and the trend of female characters that seem to be a little too perfect.

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Nick Offerman Carves Out His Own Niche

Nick Offerman starred as Ron Swanson on the sitcom "Parks and Recreation," delivering deadpan zingers through a lush mustache. He also stole scenes in the delightful "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl." But one of Nick's true passions is wood. This week, he released a book about it called "Good Clean Fun,” and chats with the guys about how his woodworking passion ties in with his acting, and more.

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Kelly Reichardt’s Labor of Love

Director Kelly Reichardt's minimalist indie films like "Meek's Cutoff" have won loads of critical acclaim and a devout following. Most are shot in the Northwest, and focus on characters on the fringes of society. Her new movie "Certain Women" is no exception. She talks with Brendan about how a performance can change the tone of a scene from the page to the screen, why she's drawn to the picturesque Northwest, and more.


Rebecca Hall Demonstrates Her Range

Rebecca Hall first made a name for herself on the British stage, winning awards in plays by Shaw and Shakespeare. Her latest role is in the indie film "Christine" she plays a real-life local news reporter and host who, in 1974, committed suicide during a live broadcast. The actor details how she crafted her haunting performance in the biographical drama, before telling us what it was like to work for her dad (and Shakespeare).

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A Closer Look at Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers spent a decade at "Saturday Night Live," eventually becoming that show's head writer and the anchor of its satirical news segment "Weekend Update." He left the show in February 2014 to take the helm at "Late Night" on NBC, a spot made famous by David Letterman. He explains his favorite part of his job, what it’s like to have “beef” with Donald Trump, and why he’s the ultimate indoorsman.

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America Ferrera Imagines Herself in the Hero Role

America Ferrera is best known for starring as the homely office assistant with a heart in the ABC comedy "Ugly Betty." That role earned her an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actor's Guild award. Now she stars in the NBC sitcom "Superstore," and she talks to us about what drew her back to TV, what a lack of on-screen representation meant to her, and the one "Ugly Betty" question she can't stand.

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Monsters and Misanthropes with Guillermo del Toro

Mexican-born filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro makes horror-fantasy films, but they've brought him praise way beyond the world of genre fandom and a bunch of Oscar nominations. Rico spoke to him at the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art where there's now an exhibit of his own personal items, which includes everything from life-sized statues of Frankenstein's monster, to taxidermy, to movie collectibles.

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Coming-of-Age Tales and Claustrophobia with Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson is probably best known for his long-running role as Darryl on TV's "The Office," but there's pretty much no great comedy show he hasn't appeared in, from "Key and Peele" to "Eastbound & Down.” His new role in “Morris From America” is a departure. Robinson shares what it was like to toe the line between friend and father in “Morris From America” and reveals his deepest fear.

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Sharon Jones Tells Cancer ‘Get up and Get Out’

Sharon Jones is the unstoppable lead singer of the funk and soul band Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings The ten piece act has been releasing albums and touring the world for a decade. In 2014, they earned a Grammy nomination for Best R&B album. The year before that album came out, Sharon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The singer talks to Brendan about her cancer battle, which was chronicled in the documentary "Miss Sharon Jones," and drawing strength from soul songs.

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Emma Cline Discusses the Cult of Her Hit First Novel

Emma Cline is author of "The Girls," this summer's hottest literary debut. The New York Times describes it as, "A seductive and arresting coming-of-age story... told in sentences at times so finely wrought they could almost be worn as jewelry." She examines the cult around cults and talks about the beauty and darkness of California.