Lizzie Post’s Practical Fork-Signals

A solo visit from Lizzie Post this week to discuss cross-cultural kissing, cross-office whistling, and the essential origins of all etiquette rules.


Jon Wurster on the Etiquette Beat

At our recent live show in Chapel Hill, NC, rock drummer and known funny-person Jon Wurster took the stage to answer etiquette questions... and sing us the most misheard rock lyric in history.

TJ in barn-

Thomas Jefferson’s Patriotic Advice

Historian Clay Jenkinson hosts the The Thomas Jefferson Hour, in which answers questions in the character of Thomas Jefferson. He takes on the persona for us to answer modern etiquette questions with Jeffersonian reason.


Kristin Newman’s Lusty Wanderlust

Comedy writer Kristin Newman had a successful career in Hollywood sitcoms, but as her friends started settling down, she felt the urge to get away. Her new memoir of that escape is called "What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding."