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Tania James Takes On A New Perspective

Indian-American novelist Tania James has won acclaim for fiction that spans continents and takes bold leaps. We overhear an excerpt of her new novel, told from the perspective of an elephant, in crisis.

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Kelly Link Introduces Her Ghost Boyfriend

Kelly Link's magical-realist stories have earned comparisons to Kafka, the Brothers Grimm, and Alice Munro. She has won a slew of sci-fi literature awards and the O. Henry Prize. She reads an excerpt from a story in her brand-new collection, "Get in Trouble."

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‘Awkward Black Girl’ Issa Rae Guides Us Through Hairy Situations

Now in its second season, the award-winning "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" is a web video series created by and starring Issa Rae, which has been viewed over twenty million times by adoring fans who identify with her quirky everygirl character's attempts to navigate love, work, and life. Ms. Rae's sensibility has now taken the form of a book of the same name, from which she reads us a passage.

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Miranda July’s First Novel Finds a Careful System at Risk

Miranda July's creativity comes in many forms. She's an esteemed contemporary artist, a maker of widely seen films, and a bestselling author. Her latest book, "The First Bad Man," expands her distinctive worldview into her first full-length novel.

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Thomas Pierce’s ‘Mammals,’ Small and Mammoth

South Carolina native Thomas Pierce's debut collection of surreal short stories, all set in the South, is called "Hall of Small Mammals." The book has been praised as "delightfully strange," and that perfectly describes the excerpt he shares with us here, about an a medium-sized creature.

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BJ Novak Tells Stories with No Pictures — AKA Radio

Between his appearances on film and television screens, B.J. Novak published two best-selling books in 2014. At our Holiday Frolic live event, he read a poignant piece from his collection "One More Thing" and then joined Rico and Brendan on the couch for a conversation.