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An Easter Bunny that Will Haunt Your Dreams

In an attempt to recreate a sweet tradition started by his father, Matt Walsh accidentally terrifies his child, ruins the Easter Bunny, and nearly breaks a window.

Author Lisa Robinson with Lou Reed

Lisa Robinson Takes Lou Reed to See CBGB’s Best Act

Music journalist Lisa Robinson has been backstage with the biggest names in rock music since her first job in 1969. In this story from her new memoir, she remembers a 1970s New York City night out with Lou Reed.


A Sous Chef, in the Heat of the Moment

Author and chef Michael Gibney has been working in some of the world's most renowned restaurants since age 16. His new book, "Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line" takes readers into the fast-paced world behind the kitchen door.

Thos Robinson/Getty Images for The New Yorker

Rebecca Mead Visits the Library, Home

In this story from her new book, "My Life in Middlemarch" about her love of George Eliot's classic novel, New Yorker critic Rebecca Mead touches - and smells - literary history.

BJ Headshot - Lo Res

B.J. Novak and the Food Photographer

In addition to the story B.J. Novak told us for the broadcast, he shared this second, equally internet-appropriate story, "The Man Who Took Pictures of Everything He Ate."

BJ Headshot more square

B.J. Novak Creates a Detective for Our Time

Comedian, screenwriter, and actor B.J. Novak has just published his first book of humorous short stories. In this one, we are introduced to a thoroughly modern detective, Wikipedia Brown.

Sam Harris - more informal author shot

Sam Harris Will Not Be Upstaged by a Child

Singer, actor, all-around show-biz ham Sam Harris - now the author of "Ham: Slices of a Life, Essays, and Stories" - is forced to share the spotlight with a young ham-in-training.