John Brandon’s Lone Musical Wolf

John Brandon's critically-lauded 2012 novel "A Million Heavens" builds around a wolf prowling New Mexico alone, observing human society from the outside.

Credit: Debbie Grossman

Tiphanie Yanique’s Perfection – with a Hole

"Land of Love and Drowning" is the first novel from author Tiphanie Yanique, previously best-known for her short stories. The novel draws on Ms. Yanique's Caribbean heritage for its setting and distinctive voice.

Photo: Urszula Soltys

Eerie Ordeals

Lauren Owen's debut novel, "The Quick" is a gothic, supernatural tale, set in Victorian England about a woman searching for her brother who has gone missing under very mysterious circumstances.

Henriquez hi res

Cristina Henríquez Gets to Know America

Cristina Henríquez’s third novel "The Book of Unknown Americans" starts in a run-down apartment in Delaware, expands out to the interconnected narratives of the immigrant families that live there.

Photo credit: Grep Hoax

Patricia Lockwood Shines Light

Patricia Lockwood is a rarity in modern America: a poet with mainstream popularity. She's done so partly by mastering social media... but mainly with her wry and modern writing, much of which takes as its subject the piercing of sexual conventions and patriarchy. This week we overhear her read a selection from her new book.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Bastian

Emma Straub Takes Us on Vacation

"The Vacationers," Emma Straub's second novel, follows the summer vacation of one extended family, observing them as they share celebrations and secrets.


I Fell in Love with a “Genius”

Actress Annabelle Gurwitch reads an excerpt from her memoir, “I See You Made an Effort: Compliments, Indignities, and Survival Stories from the Edge of 50,” about needing a little help from a young man at the Apple Genius Bar.