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‘White Earth’ Shows an Oil Boom through a Child’s Eyes

Nominated for the Academy Award for best short documentary of 2014, the 19 minute long "White Earth" examines the lives of the citizens of a small North Dakota town when an oil boom hits. Filmmaker J. Christian Jensen explains his choice to focus on the outsider perspective of children, rather than going the standard political documentary route.


‘CITIZENFOUR’ Documentarian Laura Poitras on Recording History

Laura Poitras is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. In 2013, she was two years into making a new film about surveillance, when she received an encrypted email from an anonymous source calling himself Citizenfour. That source turned out to be NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden and she would find herself documenting his leak — and the personal and political consequences — as they unfolded.


An ‘Unlikely Farmer’ Shares Her Stories

Author Antonia Murphy is an award-winning journalist from San Francisco who landed in New Zealand, where she and her husband set up a 12-acre farm homestead. Her new memoir tells her personal stories of growing farm and family on foreign soil.

Photo credit: Carolina Ambida

Punk Legend Viv Albertine of The Slits on Rules and Rock

The punk movement of the 1970s was all about rebelling against the establishment - but it wasn't quick to embrace changing roles for women. Viv Albertine was among a group of feminist pioneers in the scene who paved the way for Riot Grrl and everything after.

Photo: Julia Wick

Sound Man Glyn Johns on Recording an Era

Glyn Johns was the engineer and producer of some of the most popular rock songs ever recorded, including classics from artists like The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and Neil Young. He has a new book about that experience, "Sound Man."

Ruben Östlund, director of FORCE MAJEURE, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. Photo credit: Johan Bergmark

Ruben Östlund Leaves Audiences with Questions

In Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund's fourth feature film, he depicts a family unable to trust each other after the father flees a disaster, raising questions about the roles we all play in society and relationships.


Barbara Kruger Talks Past, Present, and Futura

Barbara Kruger is one of the most influential contemporary artists of the last forty years, and her bold, text-laden work is among the world's most recognizable. She tells Rico about her own influences, and cops to preferring laughs to smiles.


A Life Lived with Common and Uncommon Scents

Mandy Aftel is a perfumer and explorer of smells across the world. Her new book is called “Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent” about the journey of following her nose.

Clark Terry in "Keep On Keeping On"

Quincy Jones on His Musical Mentor, Clark Terry

Jazz great Clark Terry is the subject of a new documentary about his life, and the relationship between a music teacher and thier protege. We discuss his legacy with the film's director, Alan Hicks, and one of his famed former students, Quincy Jones.