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‘(T)ERROR’ Shines a Light on the FBI’s Murky Counterterrorism Tactics

Most Americans are probably aware that whole departments of the government are trying to prevent terrorist acts. But how exactly are they going about it? And how effective are they, really? The new documentary "(T)error" gives a rare glimpse into the world of assessing terror threats. Co-director David Felix Sutcliffe talks to Brendan about getting a rare glimpse into the world of an FBI informant.

Credit: Adrian Tomine

Adrian Tomine on Schlubby Dads and Melancholy Comedy

Considered one of America's great graphic novelists, illustrator Adrian Tomine's clean-lined illustrations have graced the covers of several issues of the New Yorker magazine, as well as album covers by bands like The Eels. His new collection, "Killing and Dying," made Publishers Weekly's list of the most anticipated books of the fall. He delves into the semi-autobiographical elements of his new graphic novel and explains how taking criticism to heart helped open up his creativity.


Sarah Gertrude Shapiro’s ‘UnREAL’ Look at Reality TV

Writer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro draws inspiration from her previous role as producer for nine seasons of "The Bachelor" to bring in her newest series, "UnREAL." Find out why her own experience on "The Bachelor" was "kind of like a vegan getting hired to work in a slaughterhouse." Plus, Rico and Sarah exchange tips on surefire ways to make a 20-something cry.

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The Triumphs and Tragedies of Nina Simone Through the Lens of Liz Garbus

Nina Simone, known as the "high priestess of soul," has returned to the zeitgeist recently and is the subject of a new documentary released this week on Netflix -- the first they've ever commissioned -- called "What Happened, Ms Simone?" The film's director, Liz Garbus, talks with Brendan about the singer's brilliant musical talent, her struggle with bipolar disorder, and her passion for the civil rights movement.