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‘Hockney’ Paints a Portrait of the Artist As a Grown Man

Each week on Chattering Class, we're schooled by an expert in some party-worthy topic. Today's subject: David Hockney -- one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. And our teacher is Randall Wright. He has directed a new eponymous documentary about the artist. In it, he explores the life of the man behind those iconic paintings of swimming pools and the good life of Los Angeles. The film is made up of interviews with Hockney himself, images from his career, and footage from Hockney's never-before-seen home movies.


Duncan Sheik Blends Synths, Satire in ‘American Psycho’

Duncan Sheik has been penning pop music since the '90s, when his tune "Barely Breathing" was a top 20 hit. But these days he may be best known as a Broadway composer, and his latest stage project may also be his most unlikely: He's written the music and lyrics for a musical adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' satirical horror novel, "American Psycho." He tells Rico why there's a little Patrick Bateman in all of us.


Dan Colen on Painting Big Clouds in Big Cloud Country

World-renowned artist Dan Colen's work is a part of the Whitney museum's permanent collection, among others. The artist discusses a triptych of paintings he contributed to a show at the Marfa Myths festival which were inspired by a scene from the 1940 Disney musical "Fantasia."

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Dave Navarro Bares All in His Documentary ‘Mourning Son’

Back in the late '80s and '90s, the L.A. band Jane's Addiction became one of the defining rock bands of the era, Dave Navarro, the band's lead guitarist, recently produced the documentary "Mourning Son." It's an intimate look at how he came to terms with the death of his mother, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend when he was 15 years old. Dave tells Rico about navigating the darkest moment of his life while his band was exploding in popularity.

Director Chris Bell with his parents, Rosemary and Mike Bell, and his brother Mark. (Photo courtesy of Alan Stephens)

Chris Bell’s Personal Lens on the Prescription Drug Epidemic

This week on Chattering Class, we look into prescription drug abuse and our teacher is documentarian Chris Bell. His first movie, "Bigger, Stronger, Faster*," examined the use of steroids in America through the lens of his family -- his brother Mark was a bodybuilder and his brother Mike was a pro wrestler. Nine months after the movie premiered, Chris's father called and told him Mike had died. Not from steroids, but from prescription drugs. That event inspired his new movie "Prescription Thugs," a look at America's pill habit.

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Chris Jennings’ Deep Dive into American Utopianism

This week's chattering class topic: Utopias. Specifically, a bunch of utopian communities that sprouted up in America in the 19th century. And our guest is Chris Jennings. His new book is called, "Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism," and it focuses on five of the hundreds of utopian experiments of that era. The author tells us about God-fearing communists and a few Utopian leaders, one of which believed that eventually the oceans would taste like lemonade (seriously).

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Molly Crabapple Draws Blood, Dancers and Detainees

Molly Crabapple is an illustrator and activist whose work has appeared in Marvel comics, on protest posters for the Occupy movement, and she also traveled to Guantanamo to sketch the military hearings there. She just released a memoir called, "Drawing Blood." She reflects on her craft and what she learned from testing herself in "the naked girl business."

Author Photo of Randall Munroe ( Image Credit: Randall Munroe)

Randall Munroe Makes the Complicated Stuff Simple for Us (and You)

Randall Munroe is a cartoonist with a degree in physics. Years ago, while working as a roboticist for NASA, he started the webcomic "xkcd." The drawings are simple, mostly stick figures, but the concepts are big, as he takes on technology, computer science, and math. His latest book is called "Things Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words." He examines how we use language to describe complex ideas with Brendan and explains the thousand-word challenge behind the book.

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‘Hitchcock/Truffaut’ Explores the Impact of a Chat Between Filmmaking Masterminds

Back in 1966, at the height of his career, French filmmaker Fran├žois Truffaut sat down with his hero, Alfred Hitchcock, and interviewed him about every film he'd ever made. That interview was transcribed into a hugely influential book called "Hitchcock-Truffaut." A new documentary explores the making of that book, and Rico talks to its director Kent Jones.