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DPD Listeners Share Their ‘Required Listening’ Song Picks

Last week, newly-minted “A Prairie Home Companion” host Chris Thile built us a party playlist filled with tunes he considered "required listening." Which got us thinking: which songs do our fans think of as "required listening"?


We’re Doing a LIVE Event at the Now Hear This Podcast Festival!

We'll be there alongside other great podcasts like "The Moth," "WTF with Marc Maron," "Criminal," "The Brilliant Idiots," and our friends at "How Did This Get Made." Find out the details and where to buy tickets here. (UPDATE: There is a discount for DPD listeners!)

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Bonus Audio: Emma Cline Answers DPD’s 2 Standard Questions

As Brendan mentioned on this week's show, you might've noticed that our Guest of Honor, author Emma Cline, didn't answer DPD's standard questions. But fear not! We've got the answers right here. Click below to hear what question Emma is tired of being asked and the piece of trivia she told us we didn't know. Plus, she talks to Brendan about her writing process... and defends clamshell cell phones.


Cass McCombs – ‘Opposite House’

Cass McCombs, the modern-day troubadour whose songwriting has long been a favorite of other musicians. His new album called "Mangy Love" is out in August. Here's a track from it called "Opposite House."