A History Lesson With Booze

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Twister’s Tangled Origin Tale

Around this time in 1966, two guys in the Twin Cities dreamt up a party game that had people falling all over each other. Connect the dots in the history of Twister, then gingerly sip on a colorful drink.

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Opening Pandora’s Inbox: The Birth of Spam

Back in 1994, two Phoenix-area lawyers hit upon a new way to advertise their legal services: auto-send thousands of emails to chat groups. Hear about their recipe for spam, and then check your inbox for a custom cocktail.

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The Biggest Heist in U.S. Art History, Still a Mystery

Find out about the most costly property theft in US history: the 1990 Isabella Gardner Museum art heist, in Boston. Our bartender -- himself a former art guard -- mixes up a drink that's laced with bitterness.

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Picking Through the Story of a Historical Brainstorm

The story of a clever businessman mass-produced toothpicks and popularlized them using intimidation tactics that, remarkably, had nothing to do with shaming people for food caught in their teeth.

Photo: Elana Lepkowski, stirandstrain.com

History Throw-back: How Frisbee Came to Be

in 1957, the Wham-O Toy Company bought the rights to an invention which would become its most famous product, the Frisbee. You might say the invention was easy as pie. Or a piece of cake. Or both, really.

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An Oil Gusher Bursts Texas Into History

Texas was known mainly for cattle and cotton until Pattillo Higgins came along. His hunch that there might be oil in them thar' hills lead to the discovery of a massive gusher, which would fuel the 20th century.