Vote for Best Icebreaker of ’11

We’re compiling our annual “Best Of” show. Click “Read More” to chime in with your votes for the year’s best Icebreaker joke:

The Instant Replay

This week, back in 1963, CBS’ Tony Verna changed the world of sports by replaying a crucial moment in an Army v. Navy college football game. Learn about the history of instant replay, then toast Tony repeatedly with this custom drink.

WHYY extends Brotherly Love to The Dinner Party

Starting December 3rd, Philly’s WHYY is airing “The Dinner Party” Saturdays at 9pm! And our half-Philly, all-Pennsylvanian hosting team couldn’t be more pleased.

The Pong Pong

This week in 1972, a fledgling company called Atari unveiled its first-ever video game. Hear the story of how the simplest game ever launched a $60-billion-dollar industry… then bounce this custom cocktail down your gullet.