Edison 77

This week back in 1877, Thomas Edison announced he’d invented the first working recording device — the phonograph. 134 years later we’ve got Dolby, THX… and this custom cocktail inspired by the phonograph’s special sound.


This week back in 1960, the last Edsel automobile rolled off Ford’s assembly line, marking the end of one of the worst blunders in automotive design. Learn why Edsel became a synonym for disaster, and then try not to wreck yourself with this stiff drink from Motor City.

Tonight: The Current joins the Party

Minnesotan music station par excellence “The Current” airs The Dinner Party tonight — November 13th — at 9pm. Tune in and pretend the weekend’s just beginning.

Chocolate Thunder

He came from the planet Lovetron, sent to Earth to astound us with thunderous basketball dunks that gave backboards nightmares. His name was Darryl Dawkins, and 32 years ago this week the Philadelphia 76er made a historic dunk against the Kansas City Kings. Long before “boom goes the dynamite,” a man nicknamed Chocolate Thunder made the loudest noise.

Welcome Lexington!!!

Starting Saturday November 5th at noon, we welcome listeners of Lexington, KY station WUKY into our audio parlour.

The FXO7

This week in 1883, gentleman thief Black Bart finally botched a job…after pulling off 27 stagecoach robberies. The lyrical larcenist left poems – but never dead bodies – at the scene of his crimes. Hold up a custom cocktail in his dishonor.