Under the Desk

This week back in 1835, the fledgling newspaper The Sun started publishing a sensational series of stories about the discovery of life… on the moon. Hear about how New Yorkers bought outright lies about lunar unicorns and man-bats, then reach for this liquid tribute to reckless journalism.

The Mona Lisa in Florence

100 years ago this week, the most famous painting in the world turned up missing. Learn about brazen thief Vincenzo Peruggia, who claimed he did it all for his mother country… then celebrate art with this Italian take on the “Mona Lisa” cocktail — pioneered by a bar right next to the Louvre called Le Fumoir.

The Electric Lemonade (Variation)

This week in 1937, lap-steel guitarist George Beauchamp and partner Adolph Rickenbacker patented the modern electric guitar, laying the foundations for ear-splitting rock ‘n’ roll, youth revolutions, and holding up your lighter during a power ballad.