CANADA - JULY 11: Glad It's back: Michelle Gahwiler's tastes buds celebrated when she heard the old taste of Coke will be back. The other stuff tasted like Pepsi; the 11-year-old Cambridge girl said about the new formula. Coke announced it will sell both kinds just 78 days after launching the new formula. (Photo by Dick Darrell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The Pemberton

This week back in 1985, Coca-Cola unveiled the infamous “New Coke.” It’s widely considered one of the biggest marketing disasters ever… and it may have saved the brand.

Fish Drinks: Listeners take the bait

In our last episode, Brendan lamented the relative dearth of cocktails with a fish component. So we asked listeners to hep us to fishy tipples… and were alternately intrigued and appalled by their responses.

Where Tig Went

It turns out that The Runaways ran away from Tig Notaro.

View of the underwater explosion of Ripple Rock in the Seymour Narrows, British Columbia, Canada, April 5, 1958. Located 100 miles north of Vancouver, the rock was a shipping hazard which caused over a hunderd wrecks and deaths between its discovery in 1875 and 1958, when it was detonated, by Dolmage and Mason Consulting Engineers, with 1,375 tons of DuPont explosives placed in underwater tunnels dug into the rock. The photo was taken with a remote control camera placed 2,300 feet away. (Photo by Nat Farbman/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)


This month back in 1958, Ripple Rock, an underwater mountain in Canada that caused hundreds of shipwrecks and deaths, is blown up in the largest non-nuke peacetime explosion ever.