Episode 348: Sam Heughan, Sebastian Junger, Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero

"Outlander" star Sam Heughan drops by to deliver some haircare tips before answering a few of our listeners' etiquette questions... Filmmaker and journalist Sebastian Junger tells us why some prefer wartime to peacetime... Comedians/spouses Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero list a few road trips gone wrong... Brendan visits a cheese cave... Actor and writer Faith Salie confronts her demons... Plus, the sticky history behind masking tape and more!


Episode 347: Colin Farrell, Maria Bamford, Frankie Cosmos

Movie star Colin Farrell considers his new film, "The Lobster"... Comedian Maria Bamford channels her mother (and her mother's hairdresser) to give us etiquette advice... Writer and activist Lindy West stands up for Kermit the Frog... Musician Frankie Cosmos DJs your dinner/pajama party (no boys allowed!)... Writer and rocker John Doe regales us with stories of the early '80s punk scene in LA (X marks the spot)... Plus, hairy dead presidents, the lonely journey of the Gar-Barge, a trashy cocktail, and more!


Speakeasy Special: Ellie Kemper, Cameron Esposito, Michael McKean, Emmy the Great

It's an all new "Speakeasy" -- our occasional, off-the-cuff, slightly profane, online-only podcast where we share some of the great stuff we had to leave on the cutting room floor.

This time around you'll hear Ellie Kemper of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" attempt to raise the bar for improv (or is it the roof?)... Plus, Comedian Cameron Esposito schools Brendan on the perils of wearing blue on TV -- and on the perks of entering a room with Tom Cruise...Michael McKean finds the silver lining in a fan diss... And -- bonus audio from our recent NYC live taping! -- Emmy the Great performs a cover of Faye Wong's cover of the Cranberries tune "Dream." Got it? Good. Cheers!

Robyn Von Swank/IFC

Episode 252: Marc Maron, Philippe Petit, and Soylent

Encore Broadcast: Marc Maron gives etiquette AND time-travel advice... Graphic novelist Mimi Pond lists criminals, spies, and other bohemians ... "Man On Wire" tightrope-walker Philippe Petit explores creative chaos... "The Descendants" author Kaui Hart Hemmings tells a new tale... load up on Kleenex 'cause here comes SADvertising... the history of the least respected trophy in sports... and Rico tastes Soylent: the pasty beige future of food. PLUS: Our listeners sound off about mouths and sounds.

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